Christmas Train

How Does It Work?

We provide the train with an experienced team of elves to drive, marshal and ensure health and safety is kept at the fore. The train is ideally suited to indoor destinations but can be modified to work outdoors.  The ride can be commercialised and realise ticket income of up to £5 per head depending on length of ride.

The train comes with a fully decorated platform, and all necessary health and safety documentation.

Will the train fit in your venue?

Here are the dimensions of the train for reference - we would come and visit before committing this product to your venue just to make sure...

Height – 1.9m at its highest point
Length – 2.3m
Width - 1.1m

Height – 1.35m
Length – 2m
Width - 1.1m

Coupling gap between the carriage and the Train Locomotion is 1.3m giving the total length of one carriage and locomotion of 5.6m.  We have three carriages available in total.