Experiential Marketing

Cackle Street Entertainment is a market leader in providing experiential marketing activations, linked to your venue and brand objectives, and tethered to useful, tangible measurables. 

What is Experiential?

As you're on this page, you're probably already fully aware of what experiential marketing is, and how is can help your business.  If you would like more info and insights, our Managing Director is a thought leader on the subject -  You can read an article he wrote for Marketing Week on his LinkedIn page - and of course he'd be delighted to come and visit you and talk about how we can help your customers experience your brand.

Our Popular Footfall Driving Activations

Every brand is unique, and will always require a unique approach to messaging, branding and communications - all of which we can work with you on.  However, we have learned that a good idea is a good idea, and can be used in a number of different ways.  Here are some details of two activations which we have available to your venue or brand...if you'd like to talk about how we can fit them into your strategy, please get in touch.  You can email us at info@cacklestreet.co.uk and one of the team will be in touch.

Break the Safe

Our popular 'Break the Safe' activation gives your customers the chance to win a £20,000 cash prize, just by engaging with your brand.  Customers who engage receive a ticket to give them the chance to enter a code into the safe. One random number will open the safe, and the customer will walk away with £20,000.

Great for retailers and shopping centres - purchase driven entry

Fully insurance backed

We provide:

Giant safe prop, with digital entry mechanic
Aluminium surround structure as shown, which can be covered for outdoor venues
Branded event signage and entry tickets
One member of staff to operate the promotion 
Flooring, lighting, fencing and all other required event materials

Cost - from £4,995

Escape To The Sun

A mechanic for your customers to engage with your brand and win a family holiday to the sun. Customers engage with your brand, either by making a purchase or any other engagement of your choice.  They are then given an entry ticket to the themed beach space - the ticket has a space for the customer to enter their data (capture exercise for your database) and also their lucky code.  They can enter any 4 digits of their choice, which they then enter into the competition box.  One random code will open the box and win the holiday.

Theming Options

We set this event on a real sand beach, complete with deck chairs.  This set automatically draws attention, and also serves as somewhere for children to play whilst adults engage with the competition.

Two options for theming this activity are really only limited by imagination, but we have two popular themes ready to roll:

PIRATES - As pictured; customers are escorted onto the ship by a pirate, and are given the chance to enter their code into a treasure chest.

AIRPLANE - We install an airplane front, complete with plane seats.  An air hostess "boards" the customer, and instructs them to enter their guesses into the screen in the seat back in front of them.

In either case, we provide:

  • Themed beach with digital entry mechanic on main set peice
  • Branded event signage and entry tickets
  • One member of staff to operate the promotion 
  • Flooring, lighting, fencing and all other required event materials

Cost - from £5,995 



What's Next?

If you like the look of these activations, or would like to discuss something completely new for your brand, please get in touch by emailing info@cacklestreet.co.uk and we'll be in touch.