Professor Popoff's Science Showdown

Welcome to the crazy world of Professor Popoff!  The Science Showdown is a brand new event which works in ANY venue regardless of size, location or setup.  Indoors or outdoors, this event is perfect for groups of children aged between 4 and 14.  The 30 minute show includes:

  • Fun, educational and safe science experiments
  • Interactivity, with volunteers asked to join Professor Popoff in creating his crazy science experiments
  • A worksheet for each child, to be completed as part of the show to keep children engaged throughout
  • A certificate and small prize for every child
  • Marketing poster/imagery for use to promote event


The 30 minute show, for up to 30 children, including all of the items listed above is £400 + vat, inclusive of travel to any venue in England.  Venues elsewhere in UK or internationally please contact us for a quote. 

Other optional extras include work packs for class teachers to use after show and multiple shows throughout a day, weekend or week, with different content. Prices are available for these on request, as they are tailored to your particular needs.

Interested in booking or finding out more? Email